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Initial Considerations

That computers are already a part of our lives is something we all know, right, dear reader? There is no need to present this argument as the motivation for any project that is focused on computers, websites, communications networks and the like.

But certainly, the extreme popularization of computer access, and all the universe of possibilities associated with this access, brings with it two alarming scenarios for the coming years:

a) users of all ages, who, having easy access to computers at their homes, will see it as a tool to access the information contained on the internet and to communicate with distant relatives, but who do not know how to use even a small percentage of the resources offered by this equipment, use them for “petty,”  “incomplete” and considering their lack of care and knowledge, often even dangerous uses; and

b) a countless number of people, already marginalized in various aspects of their lives, who will also live at the margin of this world of access to digital information, which can allow them to improve their quality of life, and with this, to make improvements in the society we live in, as a whole.

The first scenario describes the concern with children and old people, who have computers with Internet access in their homes. Victims and guilty parties (without knowing it) of countless Internet frauds, expanding the number of infected machines, and blindly collaborating to the dissemination of a wide variety of problems on the Internet. Be-a-Byte was made for them!

The second scenario presented brings to mind the matter of those who are socially “excluded.” These are people who do not have the opportunity to use computers, and as a consequence, cannot apply for jobs and internships that require such knowledge, which is almost as important as speaking one’s mother tongue (and in some cases, even more important).

These are people who live in underserved communities, who are forgotten by the monetarist society due to their low purchasing power! For the most part, they are good people, who are left to fend for themselves, and subject to all manner of problems. They lack opportunities, perspectives, futures....They will also progress at Be-a-Byte. Be-a-Byte was also made for them!

Be-a-Byte was also made for those who use the computer on a daily basis, and are familiar with it. These are users who want to improve their knowledge in some of the main computer programs on the market, polishing their knowledge, to help them in their daily tasks and enrich them in technical knowledge that will be useful in their professional lives.

But a real Total Inclusion project would not be complete if it failed to help someone, right? Be-a-Byte was also designed for users with special needs, like those with physical, visual and auditory deficiencies. The Be-a-Byte pedagogical project was also designed to meet the needs of these publics, which generally suffer from the lack of accessibility in the world around them.

Be-a-Byte was made for everyone! Without distinctions for color, race, intellectual or financial capacity! Whether or not you can pay for its services, Be-a-Byte will offer quality knowledge in an accessible manner, becoming an opportunity for some and a comfort for others! Be-a-Byte is Total Inclusion!

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