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Initial Summary

The Pedagogical Project that guides Be-a-Byte was conceived, from the beginning, to allow each individual to decide to learn with us. Without competition, except for himself, each student can follow his own path and time, depending only on himself!

Each student that decides to learn at Be-a-Byte will be responsible for his own success. Be-a-Byte will only provide the necessary tools so that there are no impediments to learning. We are here so that all those who want to can learn, showing them that it is possible to progress and offering the opportunity to do so!

Here are some of the principles on which the Be-a-Byte pedagogical project is based:

1) Classes in clear and accessible language: so that anyone can understand the subject taught, without “fancy words,” with objectivity and concern for quality!

2) Content that is Segmented according to the Student’s Level: several “profiles” of courses will allow better adaptation of the content and the sequence of the classes according to the level of the students’ knowledge. 

3) Rigid Progress Program: questions presented at the end of each class let the user test the knowledge acquired and if the student passes the test, he or she can move on to the next stage of learning (the student will only watch class 2 if he is approved in the questionnaire for class 1).

4) A “clean” face: an interface (in other words, an “appearance”) designed exclusively to allow the student, alone, to accompany its evolution and move forward in his studies, class by class! Without the excessive amount of information present on normal sites, it is easier, even for those with greater difficulty, to “navigate” throughout the Be-a-Byte site!

5) Learning by phases: All Be-a-Byte courses will be divided into three phases: Beginner, Intermediate and Full. All tudents should begin their studies in the first phase, and if they want to finish the whole course (and receive the certificate for it), they should go through all the three phases. 

6) Certificate of Conclusion: printed by the student and kept at the Be-a-Byte Server for consultation. This document will attest to the training received by the student in that specific topic. Of course, obtaining the certification will be linked to the different evaluations made throughout the students’ progress and will be extremely important for those who really want to change their lives, giving them the opportunity to apply for jobs with a “fuller” resume. 

7) Support Teaching Materials: books and summaries (printed and digital) may accompany the Be-a-Byte project. The printed books and summaries will have a much lower cost than that practiced on the normal publishing market and will be important to accelerate and sediment the learning of the content taught.

We will analyze in greater detail each of these points now, to answer any questions there may be about the degree of commitment of this pedagogical project with the unrestricted success of its students.

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